3D and Animation

Design, animation, characters and movement.

We use 3D to model products, visualise environments and creatively put across key messages. We can take this a step further and animate scenes where motion is required. Most of the 2D animation we produce is developed in Flash, and covers various requirements such as product demonstrations, high-end presentations and cartoons.


Online Flash animation series

Cowsoup animation



Cowsoup was an online animation series created to promote the Cowsoup brand of web applications.

This was a unique opportunity to conceptualise, design, and animate a narrative from scratch, including all of the audio work. Possibly the most fun we've ever had on a project.

Bab Al Noor

Motion graphics video presentation

Bab Al Noor motion graphics video animation



Bab Al Noor is the name of a 'concept city' in the Middle East. We were asked to produce a promotional video for presentation to the regional prince, demonstrating the artistic vision for the city.

This video included a lot of 3D concept work including parks, waterways, art galleries and transport systems. Despite the modest budget, we managed to get a great looking animation out in time.

Marks & Spencer

Animated procurement presentation

Marks & Spencer came to us with a brief to produce a series of short Flash animations summarising an otherwise tedious procurement process.

We produced a look and feel and all the animations in a very tight timeframe. They were so well recieved that Marks & Spencer went on to prodcue felt cutouts of our assets for use in face to face demonstrations.

New Product Network

Promotional Flash animation

The Sussex Innovation Centre required a means of simplifying a complex message explaining their New Product Network.

We worked with SInC to produce a look and feel that would be accessible to all ages and condensed this down to a simple stick-figure character set. The resulting animation was easy to digest, quicker to produce and simple to deploy across various media.

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